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This web site was set up by residents concerned about proposed developments south of Alphington Village

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Alphin House Press release

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PRESS RELEASE Link to press release: http://www.alphingtonforum.co.uk/alphin-house

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DCC to get £55 million for infrastructure

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Devon County Council has been successful in its bid for government funding (£55 million) for the infrastructure to support the new Matford and Alphington housing developments. This means that the new primary/secondary school access and road modifications will be in place before housing is built, as well as improvements to roads in Alphington. However the money is unlikely to be available until 2020. For details check the link below:https://grow-media.co.uk/top-stories/devon-county-council-55-million-funding-infrastructure/

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Mailing List

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If you wish to be re-instated on the mailing list please use the contact form, or email alphingtonforum@hotmail.com

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BT/Openreach poles

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You may have noticed that Openreach is in the process of installing fibre optic broadband cabling in Alphington. The cabling is being carried on “telegraph” poles rather than being ducted below ground. We believe that this is for reasons of cost and speed. However, although fast broadband competition may be desirable, the visual impact of these poles and cables is not.

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South West Exeter Forum Event

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Yvonne Atkinson, Devon County Councillor for Alphington and St Thomas,  chaired a well attended meeting on Friday evening at the Village Hall. There were several speakers including Ben Bradshaw MP, Dave Black and Sarah Ratnage of Devon County Council and Rachel Sutton of ECC. There were discussions on topics of interest at various tables where visitors could leave comments. These comments will be collated by Yvonne and will be available to the public either on an ECC website or the Alphington Forum website (where all comments from previous...

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