This web site has been set up by a group of Alphington residents concerned that there was a lack of consultation by Exeter City Council on the proposed development to the south and west of Alphington of 500 dwellings within the city boundary. The site is not affiliated to any political party or local councillor.

The site has been extended to act as a forum for all residents of the Alphington Village area.

It is hoped that this web site will assist in the creation of a non-political forum for all of Alphington residents where they may get information and post comments related to this development and the larger Teignbridge development in the Matford brook area and beyond. It is our intention to fight to ensure that any development is appropriate to the area so that Alphington remains a pleasant place for its residents and their children. The current proposals by the council are NOT appropriate.

In relation to the Teignbridge development we recommended that residents made their views known directly to Teignbridge before the deadline of 2nd March 2012, and we attended the demonstration in Newton Abbot on that day by Teignbridge residents’ groups.

Around five hundred people visited the Teignbridge drop-in event in Alphington on 31st January 2012 and verbal feedback from that event suggested that many Alphington residents were unaware of either the proposed 500 house development in Alphington or the 2000 at Matford.

A public meeting was therefore arranged, on Saturday 25th February 2012 in Alphington Primary School. Leaflets were distributed throughout Alphington by residents. (Not by councillors). Click for Minutes 20120225

220 people attended the meeting on a day when there were local and national rugby matches, and great concern was evident. The community views section of this web site now includes some of the comments from residents.

This web site will be modified as information is received from residents. Please look at the web site at least weekly and check the news section. If you wish to submit articles or information please use the hotmail address alphingtonforum@hotmail.com.

The founder members of the website and fledgling forum are:

  • Nick Southard
  • Peter Rowe
  • Peter Phillips
  • Peter Croft
  • Terry Rands
  • Adam Stone (web site design and maintenance)

More residents are currently participating in regular meetings, and if you feel you can contribute to meetings please email alphingtonforum@hotmail.com.

Around 180 residents have registered to date with Alphington Forum. (April 2013)

The meeting on 22nd April 2012, was attended by 35 residents, elected office bearers and approved the new Alphington_Forum_Constitution.

2012 Office bearers:

Chairman, Juliet Meadowcroft (formerly Peter Croft). Treasurer, Anthony York. Secretaries, Nila Ross (minutes), Nick Southard (hotmail), Peter Phillips (web site).

Area/street representatives were also elected as follows.

Pulpit Walk, Peter Croft. Lichgate Road/Tower Walk, Juliet Meadowcroft, Steeple Drive, Bob Toze, Veitch Gardens, George Voysey, Robin Naylor, Tom Dunn, Chudleigh Road,  Anthony York,  Shillingford Road,  Malcolm Welch, Chantry Meadow and general advice, Bill Broadbent. Loram Way Estate, Ray Spiller, John Loveys.

The 2013 Annual General Meeting was held on 26 February 2013. Notes of the AGM and details of office bearers and committee members for 2013 can be found by clicking AGM Minutes-20130226

Minutes of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 AGMs can be found on the Diary page

Committee and street representatives can be contacted by emailing alphingtonforum@hotmail.com

The web site will be modified as information is received from residents. A members-only section has been included on the website to act as a forum for discussion, for any matters relating to Alphington, and additional web pages will be added to reflect wider community involvement.