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The following emails were received 11-15 November 2012 regarding the proposed Marsh Barton Rail Halt:

MBS1 I am concerned at the comment in the notes of the meeting about the railway station at Marsh Barton. Whilst it may be said that we cannot see that it would be of much benefit to Alphington, I do not think we should be so negative towards it. It may prove to be really useful to Marsh Barton and keep it prospering.

MBS2 A station at marsh Barton just seems to be a plug for the real issue of over congestion which is what will happen.

MBS3 I agree with the basic tenet of the statement regarding the proposal of a railway station at Marsh Barton.  I’m sure that in the (much) longer term, such a station would serve the industrial estate very well.  But in the short-medium term (gosh, who knows, 3-10 years?) I really can’t see how it would benefit the Alphington community.  As a freelancer, I work all over the country so ‘Marsh Barton Halt’ wouldn’t help me for work.  Personally, if I’m going into town, I’d either walk (Clapperbrook Lane, the along the canal onto the quay) or I’d take the car if I was bringing back a large amount of shopping. Therefore, I would agree with your suspicion of the sentiment of the meeting that a station could well benefit Marsh Barton on an industrial basis (excellent) but would do virtually nothing for the local residents so any DCC/ECC should be encouraged to dismiss residential benefits to a Marsh Barton railway station in the foreseeable future.  Unless there are plans to put stations at County Hall and the RD&E…

MBS4 I agree that Marsh Barton Station is a good idea  from a broader point of view and should be supported wholeheartedly. It is much closer and easier to get to than St Thomas and would also improve connections with this side of the river to the other side of town which has many more local stations. I agree, too that the benefit and impact on traffic in Alphington is questionable, as is the assertion that only half the expected 250 daily car journeys will go into Exeter and the other half towards Teignbridge! I do think that the integration with bus and cycle ways needs to be considered carefully, either by changing the route of the PR slightly or boosting the B bus to include the station. Or even a new A+ which comes to Alphington and into town via the station and under the railway bridge. Anyway point being the station needs to connect to other public transport. Re the pathway to Topsham road and indeed the route along from Clapperbrook lane to the main road (raised at the meeting) is one of lighting at night. Along the cycle path along the past Double Locks to Countess Weir  and onto Dawlish has integrated lights from ground level which I think are good. The pathway between the swing bridge and Topsham Road has recently been significantly improved for walking and cycling so I think that walking is viable (it takes about 25mins to get from swing bridge to Heavitree); however I do think this will be a minority and seasonal route. Cycling is more likely. I have used the canal side route late afternoon/early evening and met a number of cyclists. The walking cycle route from the swing bridge to the quay is also unlit (and very very dark when there’s no moon). As the new station will be near the incinerator it could also be constructed to be able to use the waste energy it produces.

MBS5 I would like a station at Marsh Barton as I do think it would alleviate some of the traffic coming through the village. At certain times during the day, particularly at weekends, the traffic through the village and at the Sainsburys roundabout is manic.

MBS6 I consider the Marsh Barton Station proposal to be another red herring.
The planners at the open meeting in the school in answer to my questions stated the following.
1    There was no funding available now or in the foreseeable future for this project.
2    The plan is not to provide a station but merely a halt. Trains would stand on the main rail line to allow boarding. Land for car parking has not been allocated.
3    No discussions have taken place with the main inter city train operators to confirm that they can accommodate the inevitable delays to the London service.
Hope this is helpful

MBS7 Hi, Fully agree a Railway Station at Marsh Barton would be very useful for local residents and others wanting to reach Marsh Barton without using Car.

MBS8 A railway station at Marsh Barton must be a good idea. With hindsight, it is extraordinary that it has not been built before! I think the bureaucrats should be encouraged to secure funds to build it as soon as possible: not wait until 2018 (as I think was suggested).Although the highway men had optimistic figures (I think) for how many would use it, any use would lessen the traffic generally in the area. The upside of this is that the residents would benefit before any major development takes place. The downside is that the bureaucrats would have data to prove their case!

MBS9 I agree that a proposed train station is just a ‘sweetener’ concept. It will cost millions of pounds which will be prevent it being constructed as it cannot be justified as being an efficient use of funds (although that’s never really considered). Yes we would all like a station, but I’m sure I would not be the only one who would drive to it! There is also a misconception that Marsh Barton is full of labour intensive factories – it has a relatively low number of people employed for the area it covers, so the station is limited for commuters.
What we really need is a Monorail system across Exeter!!

MBS10 It seemed to me at last Thursday’s Workshop meeting with the council that much talk and time was spent on walking and cycling as preferred options. Whilst I agree in principle and certainly ECC have spent a lot of time and money on promoting this, it does remain very much a LEISURE activity for most folk. Even if further money is spent on installing lighting on the whole cycle network from Clapperbrook Lane to the Quay and across to Salmon Pool Bridge, I doubt whether there would be a significant increase in COMMUTER cycling or walking. I am a keen cyclist myself and much prefer my bike to my car, doing about the equivalent annual mileage on both, but I am the exception rather than the rule. I have belonged to the Cyclists’ Touring Club for many years and they are very active in promoting all forms of cycling, but the fact remains that in hilly Devon only quite fit folk take to two feet or two wheels! In this country we have a long way to go before we reach Europe’s standard on cycle routes! And to be honest I don’t think we’ll ever get there because of the negative attitude which exists towards cycling in this country. If you don’t believe me, try cycling a few miles yourself and it’s highly likely you will feel threatened or get some verbal abuse.

MBS11 It is concerning that it is only a rail ‘halt’ that is proposed. What does this in reality achieve ? Another link to the city centre and a box ticked for the proposed development. What would be more useful would be a direct public transport connection in an anti-clockwise direction from Alphington towards Pinhoe over Countess Wear so that Alphington is linked easily to the employment areas of Sowton and Middlemoor. We don’t all work in Exeter city centre or can ride a bike to work.

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