COMMENTS Exhibition 17 JULY 2015

The comments below have been transcribed from cards filled in at the meeting. The red cards are for the Bovis /Teignbridge development, the blue and green generally cover the Alphington development. Names and addresses have been removed from comments shown on this web site for reasons of privacy,  however the original card comments have been sent to local councillors for a response where required.


1. Why insist on pushing a project without first having the necessary infrastructure in place?
2. I believe you are putting pressure on Teignbridge for your commercial interests obviously putting your profits ahead of community interests.
3. The forum and Alphington residents have raised objections from the beginning. You obviously have no intention of attending to any of them. I note your firm’s 2014 enormous profits.

Red CARD 2
to DCC et al
1. Bovis project imposes a burden on DCC taxpayers as they are relying on using Alphington’s already overtaxed infrastructure
2. Teignbridge project is illegitimate. By their own admission it was in their programme for next 15 years so why now? They are under presure from developers but the interests of tax/ratepayers are ignored. UNDEMOCRATIC.

Red CARD 3
1. There is still no integrated thinking in the SWE plan. Why is this so? It appears to be a “dash for cash”!
2. Aldens east flood/SUDS plan- just where the osakaway is shown is an area that used to flood/hold water as a pond.

Red CARD 4
From the information displayed today it is obvious that very little thought has been put into the development planning. The village of Alphington will be totally ruined as a result of far too many houses being built in such a small area and the area will end up as an urban sprawl. Also insufficient thought has been given to infrastructure in the way of schools, community facilities, roads, medical facilities etc.

Red CARD 5 -Teignbridge
Should prime arable land be used when brown field sites are available for house building?

Red CARD 6
What is the point of the development brief if TDC/Bovis are changing important issues such as preserving the ridgeline, when they are now proposing 2.5 storey houses? Why is the developer being given “carte blanche”.

Red CARD 7 – Park and Ride
Turn current (Matford) park and ride into a multi-storey and improve transport links. We do not need another park and ride.
Keywords- Cyclepath, better transport for Exeter, trains.

Red CARD 8 – Teignbridge
Teignbridge council stop bullying the poorer side of Exeter. Buildhouses in Teignmouth and Newton Abbot. Is Ipplepen in Teignbridge? What about the Teign Valley. Alphington can’t cope with more traffic. Thanks for the thought.
Key words Flooding , wildlife, traffic.

Red CARD 9
Just determined to make money – no community considered, overriding all local objections, saying they have not seen etc.
No thought for infrastructure, wildlife, flooding etc.
Need to see the solution to these problems.

Red CARD 10
Safeguarding Teignbridge at the cost of Alphington. Ruining a village community, already full. Between 8 and 9am cannot get from Alphington to Exeter.

Green CARD1
The traffic through Alphington is very congested now and set to be much worseafter these proposed developments.
What is being done about the RDE hospital? Expansion plans should already be ebing implemented as there will be thousands more people trying to access their services. The RDE is already experiencing problems trying to fulfil their services to patients. The traffic in surrounding areas will also be congested. This area of Exeter will never be the same.

Green CARD2
We need improved bus services and cycle lanes into town for locals. Ide Lane needs resurfacing – there are shool children and elderly at risk of injury. Potholes damage our cars, bikes, ourselves. THE VILLAGE CAN’T SUSTAIN THIS GROWTH.

Green CARD3
Note on NPS/DCC plans that there is an area prone to flooding on the corner between Dawlish road and Lichgate Road. What will be done to prevent increased run-off from development?

Green CARD4
I am concerned about increased traffic on Dawlish Road. I do not think Dawlish Road should be closed entirely but it should be calmed to avoid rat-run and over-use. Claire Dawlish Rd/ Chantry Meadows junction.

Blue CARD 1
Major concerns
1. traffic conjestion -Chudleigh Road and Shillingford road already at capacity
2. loss of public footpath routes
3. Education and health – additional housing will lead to pressure on already overcrowded surgery and school.
4. need new village hall

Blue CARD 2
We live in Shillingford Road and we have no pavement on our side of the road It is very dangerous coming out of our drive at present. Even more traffic is making the problem even more hazardous. Has any provision been made under section 106 in this planning application.

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