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This page is for comments on the ECC questionnaire and AVF flyer delivered prior to the exhibition on Thursday 18 July 2013. Please email to or use the contact form on this web site.

item 13 on AVF flyer suggests a new pavement at the lower end of Shillingford Road. This would either require cutting into gardens leading to loss of amenity and very steep driveways or reducing the road to one way traffic. Neither option is acceptable to me

Q1b the village needs a decent open space for informal child use – if we get a hectare it could have a small wood/spinney and include a decent playground and garden area, have seen nice ones elsewhere.
Q2 building on the island would increase a single space.(AVF??)
Q4 there are no buses from Alphington or St Thomas to Exeter St Davids and doubling up on H from station to Centre would be useful for all. Why not also split the new route at Queen street -as H to station and then join new proposed route at Riverside leisure centre?

Q8 We would opt for c and label residential access only if possible. Bring back restrictions (except non residents and PSVs exiting Marsh Barton at Alphinbrook road. There is now an additional exit for South at Sainsbury’s. Few people need to cycle in narrow part of Dawlish Raod as Clapperbrook Lane is better for city or Swing bridge/ Countess wear and Dawlish road only better for Matford itself which must be a low use route. What we really need is a traffic light at the bottom of Dawlish road to briefly and perhaps on;y every two minutes stop A379 both ways and allow traffic out of Dawlish road.
I realised there is a further attraction for the bus route suggestion for the city as a whole: it would provide a route for St David’s to Marsh Barton.

Point 13 requests ECC to ask the developers to add a pavement at the bottom of Shillingford Road. (I assume that that is from no.1 to no. 27 on the South side of the road). I feel that this has not been given enough thought. As far as I can see there are only two options, 1. To make the road narrower 2. To take the appropriate amount of land from the properties adjacent to the road. Anyone familiar with the road knows that large size agriculture traffic use the road, and of course it is also a bus route. Making the road narrower would almost certainly mean double yellow lines on both sides of the road or some kind of one-way system, to the detriment of the residents in the road. Using land from the front gardens of houses on the south side of the road would cause concern and disruption to most residents and in some cases would mean that properties with steep drives would be impossible to access with a vehicle.

Re point 17. Public transport. Whilst public transport is a vital asset to the village personally I intend to use the car that I have purchased and taxed and insured as often as I want. Why should building houses be to the detriment of my lifestyle. I was alarmed when a member of staff from the planning dept told me that as far as they were concerned we should all be taking to our bicycles or walking. At 70 years of age I found such remark to be quite insulting. If the building of houses hinders traffic flow then it should either not be built or built where the disruption such as is going to happen here, is minimal. Why have we got the attitude of there is nothing we can do to prevent this. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN AND RUIN OUR VILLAGE.

Re point 13. This is ridiculous. Whilst we appreciate all that the forum does, the item about a pavement has simply not been thought through intelligently. Personally I think we should be still fighting the idea of building more houses in any shape or form whatsoever.

Re point 3 Markhams Lane. Please note this lane is NOT a green lane but a public highway which has been allowed to fall into disrepair by the highways dept. I have been in contact with them on more than one occasion to point out that in the event of an accident caused by their poor maintenance, they will be held responsible. My latest from them only last week is that they are going to scrape the mud off the surface and contact the landowners on either side to cut the hedges so that vehicles can drive along this highway. WE MUST NOT SIT BACK AND SAY NOTHING. They have a duty of care.

Any narrowing of Shillingford Road for traffic calming or to make way for a pavement will cause many problems.  Anyone familiar with the road knows that tractors with trailers and large size agriculture vehicles use this road,  parked cars sometimes need to be moved to allow combine harvesters through at harvest time.

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