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This page is for comments on the proposals to turn off street lighting in Exeter from 12.30am to 05.30am. The link to the proposals is

The proposals map is partnightlighting-map.

SL1 – I am concerned that Chudleigh Road and Church Road will be affected by the Part-night street lighting Scheme.

SL2 – Over the past few weeks I have been speaking to as many people as possible, the number is currently 292, mainly at coffee mornings such as Chatterbox and when I have been doing casework. It would be useful to share any information we have between us. (from Cllr Rod Ruffle)

SL3 – I think that every second light should be turned off.

SL4 -We are delighted with the proposals!! We see no logical reason for not wanting to save money on energy at a time when the vast majority of people are in bed! It will be a welcome return to the time of our youth when street lighting, if there was any was far less obtrusive and harsh. Strangely enough most of us managed to go out on the town and walk home in semi-darkness and pitch black without coming to any harm. For those who might feel a little insecure, a small torch can be used. From a driver’s perspective it’s also worth noting that the headlights of vehicles nowadays are far more efficient than they used to be thus minimising the need for the excessive light pollution from street lamps. For those who fear an increase in crime, it would be interesting to see the crime statistics comparing the situation now with Exeter as it was say in the 1950’s; these figures would need to be related to the population.

SL5 – Most of the info is in the July/August issue of Alphington Life

SL6 – It will be possible to dim all or some of the street lights in the city. One idea they have is to dim the street lights even on the roads which they intend to leave on all night.   Also they are willing, say on New year’s Eve, as an example to leave the lights on all night as they recognise that many more people will be ‘out and about’ much later than 12.30 am. The suggestion about dimming them all is worthwhile and I will put in my next round of responses to the street lighting engineer.   They will have the flexibility to switch on and off individual lights. I am already collecting a list of lights which people have asked to stay on. (from Cllr Rod Ruffle)

SL7 – If all lights are off will drivers of emergency vehicles be able to read street names? Would headlights  be enough?

SL8 – If sensors are used to switch on lights by detecting movement would they work for vehicles?

SL9 – It may be worth considering lights on all of Saturday night/Sunday morning when more people are likely to walk home late.

SL10 -One small area of street lighting that we feel should remain is the 100m stretch of (old) Mill Lane between the Old Mill and Wheatsheaf Lane (along the side of Alphington School).This stretch is extensively used by walkers and cyclists well into the early morning and because it is poorly maintained by the Council re overhanging branches and brambles, could be regarded as a real Health and Safety issue if it was not lit.

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