Village Sign

AVF committee has suggested that there should be a village sign on Chudleigh road that would include the wording below (or similar):


the sign could have a motif of either the Church, Courtenay arms, or the Alphington cross above the text.

Alphington sign PDF shows the latest image of the sign with the church.

VS1 – Classy sign!

VS2  – The church would be a good subject for the village sign. The Alphington Cross is also a well known and notable village monument

VS3  – Nice village sign

VS4  – Yes, I like this sign with Exeter conservation Area

VS5  – I like this a lot. It’s a good sign which not only portrays Alphington with the church but is eye catching enough to make drivers take note.

VS6  – I think that the village sign is great & would be an asset to the village in the future

VS7  – I think the idea of a village sign is wonderful and beautiful. I know the more elderly villagers in particular would love it.

VS8  – Small suggestion– Please DRIVE SLOWLY

VS9 –  Good idea

VS10 –  Absolutely love the sign

VS11 –  I think the sign is great!

VS12 –  Love the idea of a dedicated sign. Just a couple suggestions: I’m not sure how the sign would be produced, but having the church in full colour may mean it fades over time and so it may be better to have it as a monotone illustration. Also, I think I count four separate typefaces being used and putting my designer hat on I would restrict that to just two if possible. Other than that a great initiative as I’m sure people drive in and out of the village every day without realising they are in one! (Editor’s note- the photographic image of the church will be replaced by a painted one, and fonts will be reviewed)

VS13 – What a great idea ! With all the planned new housing around us, Alphington is destined to become nothing more than a corridor into Exeter and I think a sign like this would help to keep our identity.Of course cost would be a big factor but I think the design is very good. I am all for it!

VS14 –  love it but like someone else said maybe PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY would look better.

VS15 – I think that the proposed sign is an excellent idea.

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