Aldens East, Aldens West to Planning committee

NEWS: Yvonne Atkinson, the DCC councillor for Alphington and St Thomas reported to our committee meeting last week that the extant planning application for Aldens East and West is to go before the ECC planning committee on 3rd September 2018. Dart’s land is not coming forward. YA confirmed that the application is submitted in accordance with the AVF brief. The site is to be tendered for sale in Autumn 2018 (with outline consent and S106), to start on site 2020ish after detailed approval. The allotment site at the top of Shillingford Road is not coming forward as part of the current application.

AVF committee is concerned about the proposals for a bus crossing between the Bovis development and Aldens West halfway down Markham Lane . AVF is concerned that the route could become open to all traffic, and would prefer to see any crossing nearer to the top of Markham Lane.

Yvonne Atkinson is assisting us with our queries and concerns and I will let you know when we hear further from her.

Author: Peter Phillips

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