Aldens East and West Planning Decision

On Monday evening (3rd December) the Exeter City Council planning committee met to consider the application for development at Aldens East and Aldens West. The committee unanimously voted to defer the application, pending clarification of many issues dealt with inadequately in the application. Alphington Councillors Warwick and Musgrave spoke eloquently in favour of deferral, as did Alphington Village Forum’s chair Juliet Meadowcroft, and vice chair Peter Croft. We were heartened by the support from the planning committee for AVF and the Alphington residents. This is very much local democracy in action. This of course was an outline application and more hard work will be needed to ensure that the eventual outcome is a development that both Exeter City Council and the Alphington residents can be proud of. The detailed reasons for deferral will be posted shortly.

Author: Peter Phillips

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