Cross Border meetings

One of the new Alphington councillors, Bob Foale, has arranged a cross border / cross party meeting later this month between the Teignbridge Distict Councillor, the Chair of Exminster Parish Council. the Alphington County Councillor and the three Alphington City Councillors. The first meeting will be to identify areas of common concern, to include traffic congestion, school places and health provision. Although Alphington Village Forum will not take part directly, normally one of the Alphington councillors attends the AVF monthly committee meetings. We will therefore be able to pass on our concerns about the various developments, which in addition to those listed above include community facilities closer to Alphington. As you will know by now, Bovis has obtained outline planning permission for their development at Matford. Outline planning has not yet been granted for the development in Alphington. It seems that the developers are are waiting until Bovis has resolved the infrastructure issues in Teignbridge. AVF hopes that the cross border meetings will ensure at least some coordination that has been lacking up until now.

Author: Peter Phillips

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