SW Exeter outline planning application by Bovis

Bovis is submitting its outline plans to the Teignbridge Planning Committee next Tuesday, 17 January and the Alphington Village Forum has again been accepted as a speaker objecting to certain aspects of these plans. Juliet Meadowcroft (Chairman) will speak on behalf of AVF. Juliet and Diana Moore met Rachel Sutton of Exeter City Council on Friday to get ECC backing for our objections, which are mainly in relation to the lack of infrastructure for new residents north of the A379 who will tend to look to Alphington for support, and the absence of funding for Alphington from this Teignbridge development. We also have concerns about proposals for a bus route across Markham Lane, and Bovis housing standards. If you wish to have a look at the application type
“15/00708/MAJ Teignbridge” into your broswer search box, and click the view application box below the map. You can also register an objection or comment.

Author: Peter Phillips

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