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This web site was set up by residents concerned about proposed developments south of Alphington Village.

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Radio Devon today

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Listen to AVF’s Juliet Meadowcroft, speaking today on the South West Exeter development. Link is https://soundcloud.com/user-651043203/juliet-radio-devon-2512017 The text of the speech can be found on the Communication page

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SW Exeter outline planning application by Bovis

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Bovis is submitting its outline plans to the Teignbridge Planning Committee next Tuesday, 17 January and the Alphington Village Forum has again been accepted as a speaker objecting to certain aspects of these plans. Juliet Meadowcroft (Chairman) will speak on behalf of AVF. Juliet and Diana Moore met Rachel Sutton of Exeter City Council on Friday to get ECC backing for our objections, which are mainly in relation to the lack of infrastructure for new residents north of the A379 who will tend to look to Alphington for support, and the absence...

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Hello all Forum members and interested parties. The AVF committee hopes that you had an enjoyable summer holiday. The AVF committee still meets once a month and keeps an eye on developments. Please see the Communication page for our correspondence with various bodies. Also please keep an eye on the twitter feed which has up-to-the-minute information.

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Report on AGM and open meeting

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AVF held its AGM and open meeting last Tuesday 7th June. There was a good turn-out, with quite a few new faces. After the AGM when the current committee was re-elected, and new members Jim Masters and John Harvey nominated and seconded, there were speeches by Lynn Wetenhall of CWEST and Diana Moore. Lynn gave an impassioned plea for DCC, ECC and Teignbridge to work together on a revised and forward thinking transport strategy, and Diana described the work of Exeter Community Forum which is responsible for allocating funds from developments ...

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Letter from Chairman

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Dear Members                                             1 June 2016 It is vitally important that you are aware of what is happening to our village in the near future when 2,500 new homes are built between here and Exminster. Apart from the destruction of the most beautiful landscape and many arable fields, there will be even more chaos on our roads, which are already seriously congested and polluted. This will be a disaster for both Alphington and our city, yet none of the three local authorities involved seem to be looking clearly into the...

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