~Address to ECC Exec Ctee.

Address to Executive Committee-20/11/12 re Teignbridge Local plan and E.C.C. response-Cllr Margaret Clark

Thank you for the opportunity to address this committee. I wish to speak as an Alphington ward councillor representing the views of local residents. I feel the E.C.C. report does not reflect the views of residents in my ward who took part in the first phase of the T.D.C. consultation. 485 residents attended the event at the Village Hall on 31/1/12 in the 6 hrs it was open.
The online survey followed this and 214 issues were raised by individuals and 22 organisations raised detailed points.76% of people responding to this survey did not support this SW Exeter expansion within T.D.C. boundary containing a proposed 2,000 houses. There is another dialogue here which has not been acknowledged in Richard’s report. As the chair of Alphington Village Forum says ‘what is the point of Localism if you do not take account of people’s views.
I would like this report to be amended to include a range of residents views/issues taken from the published consultation responses. If this report today had included these it would have given this Committee a greater understanding of how local residents view this proposed development rather than a broad planners perspective that it is ‘the most sustainable way of providing growth in a single urban extension’.
Alphington Village Forum are currently taking part in workshops with the Planning dept of E.C.C. and from these we understand that no new infrastructure or highways improvements are felt to be necessary to accommodate the occupants of the approx 500 houses to be built.
However, the TDC Local Plan is to be bought forward in 4 phases and a new primary school is not due to be built until the 2nd phase 1,000 houses(2018-2023).We know that Alphington Primary school has no places available for several years except for a planned new reception class. I know that families moving into Alphington now cannot access the school now. The Secondary School is not planned until the 4th phase. Where will the occupants with children access education until then?
E.C.C. could have asked for a condition that both schools are built in time during the first phase otherwise this puts an un-meetable demand on other Exeter schools.
The Health Centre is also not due to be built until the 4th phase by which time 2,000 houses will have been built.
This is not well planned sustainable development and could have been an issue that E.C.C. affected change on before giving it’s support to this Local Plan given the impact this will have on current stretched resources for it’s own citizens.

The Local plan states that it ims to integrate existing and new communities but the strong possibility is that the increased traffic on the A379 will act as a real barrier between the 2 communities. Improvements and pedestrian crossings are not planned until the 4th phase-this will prevent access to the new resources until then. Again, this could have been part of the conditions E.C.C. insisted on being bought forward.
The remaining highways improvements are not planned to be put in place until the 4th phase when a further 1,000 houses are due to be built.

Residents also feel strongly that the new Rail halt at Marsh Barton will not be any advantage to them or people moving into these houses as it is too far away.
They understand that this and the proposed Park and Ride on the TDC site will be used by existing car users to make space on the roads for the occupants of the new developments, but this will not lead to a reduction in traffic. It will only make space for the new communities to travel on. These roads are at capacity already leading to gridlock at times into Exeter.

The residents I represent fear that people in cars will find the shortest route they can find-through Chudleigh Rd/Church Rd which will cut the village in half, damage its identity and create higher levels of pollution in a residential area.

I understand that the end date for the T.D.C. consultation period is 19/12/12.I request that this report be amended by Richard Short and discussed again by this committee on 4/12.


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