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These are views of residents on the proposals by Exeter City Council for 500 houses within Alphington on the southern boundary and on the Teignbridge District Council proposal for 2000 houses in the Matford area.

Views and opinions from local residents (n.b. names have been removed to protect anonymity).

Alphington is already bursting at the seams and I don’t think it can sustain more houses. 

CV1 I’m sure the several thousand residents of Alphington feel let down at the secrecy surrounding the decision making which smacks of incompetence in these days of mass communication. 

CV2 I’m disgusted that our own City Council haven’t talked to us about this massive plan 

CV3 The development decision should be reversed because as far as most people are concerned this matter has not gone to public consultation. Exeter City Council have probably fulfilled their legal duty, but as an elected body of representatives they actually need to listen to the people they represent. 

CV4 Things I’d like to see. 1) Speed bumps along Ide Lane Church Road. Because of the school traffic. 2) Double yellow lines along Ide Lane. Again, because of the school traffic. 3) There should be a new park withing the new development. 4) Is it possible to get our MP involved. My biggest concern is already Ide lane is dangerous for kids, more traffic will guarantee an accident at some point.

CV5 I’m concerned about the increased level of traffic in the area and the need to ensure that proper provision for extra vehicles is put in place by the relevant authorities, so that the needs of all residents can be met.

CV6 This development will be similar in size (homes) to Cranbrook new town. Unlike Cranbrook, this development is very badly thought out and very badly located. The number of difficulties that will need to be overcome would have warned off most planners from proposing this as a site for 2500 homes in the first place. Of these 2500 homes, about 1000 appear to be proposed for the Alphington side of the A379 dual carriageway (500 within the Exeter City Council boundary and 500 within the Teignbridge District Council boundary). Apart from the visual impact (at the high density proposed this will mean 3 storey housing) this will generate a large number of cars travelling through Alphington village. These will be going to the nearest supermarkets at Lidl and Sainsbury’s (and back). (anon, for now)

CV7 My overiding concern is congestion and amenities. The roads leading in and out of Alphington are always busy. At peak times traffic is at a standstill. 500 homes will generate many more cars. Some households will produce 2 or more vehicles. That will lead to traffic chaos. I am also concerned about the pressure that the proposed developement will have on the local health centre and shops.

CV8 We live in Alphington and would be concerned about the amount of traffic this development would incur and also how it would affect our village!

CV9 I have real concerns regarding the access road to the new development especially if there is any possibility that traffic access may be through Veitch Gardens. I am also anxious that the existing green public open space stays as it is. I attended yesterday’s meeting and also endorse the points raised in regard to future traffic and all the other community problems which will be encountered when the site is developed.

CV10 Thank You for setting this up – we are concerned about this development.

CV11 Following the meeting of 25th Feb. it would appear we can’t change the core strategy allocation of – 500 houses, but we can hopefully have some input into discussions re local infrastructure changes. I am concerned about the pressure this development will put on the local GP practice and traffic in Chudleigh road.

CV12 Regret unable to attend meeting but am disgusted that we have really been kept in the dark. We must fight these plans to the bitter end. What we want to know is why Exeter City Council is cosying up to Teignbridge to the detriment of our village and indeed Exeter City. We can see what Exeter is doing for Teignbridge but what is Teignbridge doing for Exeter? Answer dumping on our doorstep. We notice Teignbridge never ever cross their close neighbour Dartmoor National Park! Cranbrook will cause problems and if we let this happen here, Alphington will have no identity. Do we really want hundreds of unemployed people here because Teignbridge is making no provisions for these people whatsover. Stand up Exeter City Council and be counted!There is no doubt that this will have a detrimental effect on Exeter and its residents.

CV13 Hi, likewise very concerned by this. My wife attended yesterday and we are keen to support this. Is another meeting planned?

CV14 Questions to be asked please.If 500 homes are built in this area, irespective of where people come from to live here.local or from outside the area, where will children get their education? Where will they go for medical attention. Which hosp. will be able to take them for treatment & surgery? Where will young children be able to play safely near their homes? What grade of house will be built to fall in within the exiting property? Where are all the so called jobs coming from.  At the moment the local schools are at full capacity with no money available for additional teachers,staff & stationary etc. The medical centres both in Alphington & St. Thomas are overcrowded & have no room for expansion. The hospitals in the city & in St. Thomas are bulging at the seams, again we are told with no money for extra staff, equipment or improvements There are two play areas for small children in Alphington which just about serve the existing residents. With expected thousands of people coming to live here in Exeter, I am certain that the proposed job sites will nowhere near employ all of those people when you realise that new houses will be built in thousands on the East, South & West side of the city. If this turns out to be the case the unemployment figure will rocket & cost a fortune. Surely these questions should have been dealt with in consultation with the residents BEFORE the planning proposals were passed? Last but certainly not least. Where will the “Gypsy & Travellers site” be be located? I am hoping that other questions, very relevant to all this development, such as increased traffic, Alphington losing it’s “Village” title etc. will be asked by others.Thank you for reading this mail. See you on Sat.  

CV15 I’ve just received your communication and I’d like my name to be registered with you. We had no idea about this proposed development until about three weeks ago!!

CV16 My wife and I would like to be kept informed of future developments in this matter. Albeit our advanced age will not allow very active involvement

CV17 I would like to add my name to the register of people concerned about the proposed developments in Alphington by Exeter Council and Teignbridge Council.

CV18 We are concerned residents in Veitch Gardens and we’d like to register with you to keep updated with any information. We will be attending the meeting at the primary school on 25th February

CV19 I am a local resident and would like to register.I am concerned that this scheme is as large as Cranbrook new town, yet it is being put forward as a little add-on to Exeter. Furthermore, this will be a relatively high density add-on and it is difficult to see how it will relate to the low density margins of Alphington.

CV20 Thank you for your leaflet that was delivered Saturday morning and I would like to register with you. Thank you for starting up the Alphington Forum and congratulations on an excellent website. Looking forward to the meeting on 25th February.

CV21 Thank you for taking an initiative on this and we wish to register our interest

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