Material Planning Considerations

The City Council in collaboration with Alphington Village Forum is presently working on a Development Brief for the new developments. This Brief will be a material consideration in planning terms, meaning that it can amplify and diverge from the current Exeter Local Plan for the Alphington developments.

Material Planning Considerations (received from Cllr. Margaret Clark)

The law requires that planning applications be determined in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.  The development plan currently comprises the Exeter Local Plan (see later), the Devon Structure Plan and the Regional Spatial Strategy (RPG10, 2001)’

What is and is not a material consideration is ultimately a matter for the courts. lf a council takes into account a matter that is not a material consideration the decision could be challenged as unlawful and set aside.

The following material considerations are relevant in most planning applications:
– National planning policy and advice – Draft policy
– The environmental, social and economic impacts of the proposal
– Access and provision of infrastructure for the site – The design of the proposal
– The planning history of the site – The views of organisations and individuals, in relation to relevant planning

The following issues are not material considerations:
– Loss of views – Competition between businesses – Moral considerations (for example religious objections to licensed premises)- Political or ideological opinions – The cost of the development – Whether or not the applicant owns the site – lssues covered by other legislation (for example Building Regulations)

Officers have a training exercise on material considerations that is available to Members.

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