~Development Brief

Exeter City Council released the development brief for new housing in Alphington on 10 February, for a six week consultation period.

We  have received the following documents in connection with the brief. Please use the back arrow in your browser to return to the forum web site after viewing these documents.

Draft Development Brief

Equalities Impact Assessment

Press Release

Screening Statement for SEA

Although the forum committee has had many meetings and workshops with the council planners, the brief does not really reflect all the time and effort, on both sides. However it has allayed some fears about housing density and has taken into account some of the concerns of residents.

The next major stage will be the outline planning application, and it is important that residents scrutinise this brief and make their views known to the council. The forum would appreciate receiving a copy of any comments to the council. These will be kept confidential in the same way as are all comments posted on this web site.

We have issues with the press release where it says “development just outside Alphington” when it is within Alphington, and we are trying to integrate our new arrivals.

We also note that the Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA) states that there are 9 positive impacts of the development and NO negatives. No doubt residents of Alphington can come up with a few negatives.




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