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Latest proposals (April 2014)

Please use the link below to the Teignbridge D C web site:


The following documents can be found under item 9.

SWE Framework report
Final Draft SWE Devel Framework 
SWE Draft Development Framework A3 maps
SWE Framework report Annex B _
SWE Framework report Annex C _

Original proposals

The proposals that Teignbridge District Council (TDC) has for the Matford area, south of Alphington, are contained in the TDC Core Strategy. TDC asked for comments on their proposals for Matford by 2nd March 2012. We are aware that many Alphington residents have submitted comments or objections. It was important that individual comments or objections were made, as petitions only count as one objection.

You can view a copy of Teignbridge District Council’s Core Strategy Document here.

Follow the link below to view a plan (in the form of a photo montage) of the Teignbridge proposal for 2000 houses

Plan of Alphington development, inc Teignbridge

Although the date for individual comments has passed, we hope to be able to discuss the TDC proposals in more detail within Alphington Forum.

NEW – SW Exeter Master Plan now available at

 It includes Alphington, and shows housing densities.

The plan below is copied from The TDC Core Strategy (April 2012)


TDC Matford Plan


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