Bovis Proposals SW Exeter

This page is for comments on the exhibition by Bovis Homes on 9th December 2013 at the Devon Hotel.

Although you may have already commented on the Bovis form or on their web site, please send your comment to and we will include it on this page (anonymously) for all to see.

You can see the Bovis proposals at their web site Please note that they have asked for comments to them by 20 December 2013.

You may also be interested to see the comments to Teignbridge District Council following their consultation on their Edge of Exeter proposals here.

There were 27 respondents for, 142 against, and 17 no opinion. And that was before Bovis Homes produced their plan to put many more houses on the Alphington side of the A37. If the exercise was repeated for the Bovis proposals, it is likely that even more would be against.

The comments have been numbered to make referencing easier. BP1a, BP1b etc is from one person, BP2a,  BP2b etc is from another person.


BP1a What is the point of closing an existing park and ride with good access to build a new one with worse access, that is only expandable by concreting over the valley park?

BP1b Where is the green separation between Alphington and the new development? There are several small splodges of green shown near the city boundary, and these must be joined up with a green corridor, and also linked to the Matford brook valley park area.

BP1c The shopping area is beside the school but is hardly central to the whole development.

BP1d New school position is unsuitable for pupils in Alphington.

BP1e The proposals require the downgrading of the A379, and this will inevitably lead to more traffic using Chudleigh Road through Alphington.

BP2a The village of Alphington cannot cope with any more developments in my opinion, the primary school cannot cope with any more pupils unless it loses some of its grounds to build new classrooms etc but this takes away from the current excellent facilities it has. The traffic around the school at drop off and pick up times is just ridiculous and in fact it is extremely dangerous for the children. Bovis plans make provisions for new schools so perhaps this is something that Exeter Council should be made aware of for their plans for the 500 or so new homes and I have contacted them.

BP2b The traffic that Bovis will generate from its new homes will be just be impossible to accommodate. I travel up to the T junction of Chudleigh road every morning and turn right onto the A379 to commute to work – this is sometimes nearly impossible to do due to the volume of traffic coming along the A379 and with the proposed developments this junction will be even worse. What plans are there to improve the safety of this junction?  Also Chudleigh road is used for access into Exeter City by commuters who don’t even live in Exeter coming from the A38/A380 making Alphington village dangerous again for children going to school and it is grid locked on some days with cars and lorries queuing all the way along Chudleigh road onto Alphington road. As current residents are we just supposed to accept this huge increase in traffic that you will cause by building new homes – or do you have plans to improve these roads to solve the traffic problems? I cannot see anything on Bovis website plans for the area that covers any of these concerns of mine.

BP2c re BP6b there has been yet another accident this morning at the T junction on Chudleigh road during rush hour which will no doubt become more of a common occurrence once all these developments have been completed.

BP2d I am completely and utterly dismayed at the Bovis plans for their proposed new development in SW Exeter/ Alphington. Alphington cannot cope with any more houses or traffic, it is at capacity already. We as residents of Alphington WILL NOT ACCEPT this and will do EVERYTHING in our power to stop this development going ahead. Bovis keep mentioning the success of Cranbrook but developing Alphington on the scale  proposed cannot be compared to Cranbrook as Cranbrook is situated on a vast amount of land that does not already have the amount of population that Alphington does. I strongly suggest Bovis re think their plans as we will not allow them to go ahead as currently proposed. There is also no indication on the Bovis website as to how the HUGE increase in traffic that thousands of new homes will create will be dealt with, why is this? Have Bovis ever been in Alphington on a busy morning during rush hour? Bovis should accompany me and other residents on one of these mornings and see for themselves the huge problem we already have with traffic in Alphington. I am absolutely disgusted with these plans.

BP2e Bovis quote on their website  –  “Your local knowledge and that of your neighbours will play a key role in shaping this new community” Are Bovis for real when they state this???  How on earth can they say that we as current residents of Alphington will play a key role in shaping this community? They have taken none of our concerns and worries into consideration with this current proposal, I strongly suggest they have a rethink before you submitting their plans as we will not allow the current proposal to happen.

BP3a The plans put forward at the Devon Motel represent the worst possible development for the site in my humble opinion. Combined with other building companies who will also be developing adjacent land and the Exeter five hundred houses already at final planning it is obvious to the layman that this is a major project requiring considerable infrastructure

BP3b The total development needs a separate centre for convenience food shopping and other services. With the houses already planned within Alphington a new health centre is justified and already necessary. I suggest the buildings/area around the Devon Hotel / farm shop etc would be the best site for a new Matford Village Centre.

BP3c Bridge Road Changes. I am aware of plans to improve vehicle capacity on this route but believe that without a major new crossing of the Exe and Canal ( yes a bridge ) it will be wasted money. In the last twenty years at least four expensive schemes have been tried and failed showing only modest and fleeting improvement.

BP3d Park and ride schemes are more effective when furthest from the centre. The relocation of the site to the north of the A379 should therefore be resisted.

BP3e Most building companies can cover the landscape with houses. Most find it profitable. It takes a special type of company to truly develop a site to be proud of. Let’s see what kind of company Bovis is?

BP4a Having attended your Exhibition at The Devon Hotel on Monday 9th.December, concerning the above project,seems to me that your development plan is somewhat different to the one put forward to the local residents by Teignbridge DC & if it is accepted, this lovely part of the city will be ruined & will result in nothing more than an urban sprawl with a lot of resultant headaches for the following reasons.These are not necessarily listed in order of priority.

BP4b The new school to be used by both Exminster & Alphington children will be in a very dangerous position for those students living on the North (Alphington) side of the A379 as this is & will always be, a very busy road at all times of the day & in particular during 7 to 9am & 3 to 6pm. Also it is inevitable that more traffic will occur on adjacent roads as parents etc. convey their children to & from the school. In addition to this, there will be increased air pollution, a problem which is almost at it’s peak already, in Alphington village.

BP4c The propose new site for the Park & Ride on the A379 will create more congestion as traffic will converge from virtually all points of the compass creating chaos for traffic coming in & out of the compound. Yes a new P&R is needed but it must be nearer the M5 or Exminster  village, preventing large numbers of vehicles to converge into an area on a major road. Not building on the proposed site will also maintain the existing green valley, because there is very little “Green” separation planned between Alphington & Exminster, which will result in an urban sprawl. As I am sure you are aware a P&R already exists on the Marsh Barton Trading Estate some few hundred metres from the proposed new one. Why on earth build another so close?

BP4d No allowance appears to have been made for building a medical centre or chemist, both of which are urgently needed, particularly for the large number of new residents in the area, nor are there shops or a Community Centre allocated for.

BP4e With increased heavy traffic, roads through Alphington village, particularly near the Church ,will be even more dangerous than they are now.& this will be made worse if the P&R is built on the proposed site.

BP4f Despite promises from both councils, no allowance has been made to maintain “skylines” on the western boundary/s of the area/s scheduled for development.

BP4g In my opinion, if we must have a development in what is beautiful countryside, then it must be planned very carefully to take into consideration all of the above points of view & I would ask you to reconsider your planning on this basis, before it is put forward for approval. Surely it it makes sense?

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BP6a  (extract from email from a councillor to Richard Short, ECC planning)  Committee members of Alphington Forum, who attended the meeting held with Bovis representatives at the public consultation event on 9/12, are extremely concerned that the brief is not available now as a document that Bovis have in place to influence their own plans for the large development north and south of the A379.
The consultation period for the public to respond to Bovis ends on 20/12.Can you inform me if there are separate meetings which the City Council planners are holding with Bovis and their representative Mr Penna of AP planning. He stated to us at the private meeting on 9/12 that he did not know what the brief contained and did not feel there had been good communication with E.C.C. planners.

BP6b A further concern of the Forum representatives ,who saw the Bovis outline plans, was that the infrastructure placing did not correspond with the Master plan map re school provision(putting a primary school or an all through school on the south side of the A379 with 3/4 pedestrian crossings across the A379 for all the children in E.C.C. dev and T.D.C. dev on the north side crossing this major route road twice a day to access schooling.)
Also the park and ride is proposed on the opposite side of the road(as traffic flows into Exeter at the Devon Motel roundabout.) from the Master plan.There is no provision for a building for a G.P. surgery to be placed-these are a few of the changes to the Master plan.

BP6c As Alphington residents are not ratepayers in Teignbridge it is felt that their influence over these proposals will be limited although they will engage with the 2 outline planning proposals as much as possible to put forward their views.They are ,therefore, looking to Exeter City Council to offer an opportunity to hear their views in order to understand all of their concerns about these major planning proposals which will have such a high impact on Alphington village residents and beyond.

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