An interactive open meeting was held on 26 February 2013 and took the form of stations around the hall each manned by a facilitator from the AVF committee. The 44 residents (except the facilitators) at the meeting divided into groups which then proceeded at intervals around the hall to the different stations. Each station dealt with a topic such as design/density, or social infrastructure etc. Residents were asked to agree disagree or say what was missing from a list of points “agreed” or discussed with the council by AVF. They then recorded their views on each topic on paper “stickies” that were put on a wall sheet. For details of these discussion points click HERE. (or see the side bar on this page)

These views have been collated and are recorded on this page under the various stations. Click on the station links to go direct instead of scrolling down.

The stations are A – Density/Design,   B – What we like about Alphington C – Social Infrastructure,  D – Traffic/Transport,  E – Environment,  F – Road Traffic

STATION A “Density/Design” 

  1. No more than 25dph where existing is 25 dph.
  2. density to be same as existing housing.
  3. Mirror existing housing.
  4. No three storey housing as it will raise existing skyline.
  5. How many social housing how many private how many shared.
  6. Affordable housing rent to be 80% of market value. Is this really affordable given the high cost of housing?
  7. No more than 150 houses to give space for all.
  8. Break up development area with hedges. Any cycle paths?
  9. Please make sure that lighting, roads etc are adopted by the council before the sale of houses. Cases have occurred in the country where the housing developer has gone bust so the lighting etc has not been adopted.
  10. Alphington is a village, development must be compatible to existing adjoining properties. It should be a rural development not urban.
  11. Mix of two storey and bungalows as it is at the moment.
  12. More sale than rental encourages emgagement with village.
  13. Mirror the pattern of current adjacent development so the new blends naturally with the old, density between 25 and 45 dph.
  14. If rent then the complete estate of 500 house could be owned by only a few big companies. (would be detrimental to Alphington)
  15. Mirror existing development to prevent housing looking like barracks.
  16. Small play areas for all children not just at the new houses.
  17. Cheapest one bedroom flat at Cranbrook is £120,000. Will this happen in Alphington? How will young local people be able to set up home in Alphington?
  18. Roads in Alphington were not designed to have such volumes of traffic.
  19. No three storey house, prefer 250 houses not 500.
  20. Disagree (with council 500 houses). Should be 25 dwellings per hectare to blend in with existing.
  21. I do not want more than 25dph, any more the place will look like a barracks. Absolutely no three storey properties.
  22. No three storey houses, 250 homes max with green areas for children to play.
  23. Play areas for children NOT like the ones in Chantry Meadow or Lidls, but for all children INCLUSIVE – wide range of equipment suitable for early years and teenagers.
  24. Lower density required 25 dph.
  25. Negotiate down the social housing element, negotiate on density 25 to 30dph max.
  26. Agree on 25 dph housing density to be laid out in non-uniform way to match existing, this will keep the number of extra cars down.
  27. Disagree with 500 houses added to Alphington. Houses should not be three storey.
  28. 500 houses is far too many. 250 is more realistic. We don’t want tall town houses like those at Newcourt as it will not fit in with existing homes.
  29. No development similar to Newcourt. Maximum 25dph.
  30. More buses!
  31. Will the house size/quality be higher than Teignbridge. Will the tenants rent or buy?
  32. New housing should mirror the existing properties and mirror the existing densities.
  33. Disagree with (proposed) density, needs more sensitive development to be like existing. No Newcourt-type prison? block building. More space between buildings.
  34. Green space, keep existing hedges.
  35. Mirror existing development, far too many houses proposed.
  36. Density should increase nearer city centre not in rural development.
A vote was taken at the end of the meeting on the number of houses preferred by residents:
1 vote for 500 houses
1 vote for 350 houses
29 votes for 250 houses
1 vote for 225 houses
4 votes for 200
1 vote for 150
1 vote for “less than 250”
so reasonable to say
1 for 500
1 for 350
36 for 250 or less.


STATION B “What we like about Alphington” 

Agree with AVF proposals (there were no comments disagreeing)

  1. Hedges and trees protected I agree allotment open spaces.
  2. Agree everything.
  3. Agree with all env. issues noted.
  4. I agree with all points written.
  5. Agree with all points.
  6. Agree with all proposals.
  7. Agree with points as noted.
  8. Agree with all points.
  9. Protect trees particularly Veitch’s.
  10. Agree with all points and missing point on Children’s Play area.
  11. Agree with all village centre to be valued/conserved [older houses, church, old school, pub, etc. Clear separation from Teignbridge
  12. Agree with all points, we need to protect our green areas for children to play and explore.
  13. I agree clear separation between the Alphington Development.
  14. Separate Alphington from Teignbridge development.
  15. Agree with green wedge particularly.
  16. Green wedge vital between the two developments.
  17. Agree Veitch Gardens to be preserved. Need more areas like Veitch Gardens.
  18. Markham Lane and hedges protected (conserved) as walk/cycle path way.
  19. Save views of city from Markham Lane.
  20. Building on this land surely will disrupt the water table.
  21. Agree protect Markham Lane proposal.
  22. I agree Markham Lane conserved as a cycle/pedestrian track.
  23. Yes more allotments there’s a 5 year wait at the moment.
  24. Allotments. Protect existing and provide new.
  25. Protect trees especially the three in Veitch gardens.

Missing from AVF Proposals

  1. Would like Bakers & Butchers/Greengrocer.
  2. Area for Skateboarding, BMX Bikes & Play Equipment.
  3. What about the hedge on the right hand side of Chudleigh Road, could this be kept to mask the development and preserve the village feel.
  4. Small shopping area.
  5. More shops facilities in the area of new housing.
  6. Keep the hedge between Tower Walk and Pulpit Walk with only walkway/cycleway through.
  7. Garden areas in front of houses not only parking.
  8. Play areas appropriate for all children – [inclusive] Not just early years – for example King George V playing fields.
  9. Child’s play areas swings etc.

Station C “Social Infrastructure”


  1. Alphington School for local children
  2. Prioritise local children for Alphington School
  3. Agree need to expand and improve community facilities.
  4. Expand Alphington School
  5. Alphington School for Alphington children and expand Ide Lane Surgery.
  6. Wheatsheaf Way cannot cope now with school traffic. If housing is further away then more school traffic.
  7. Need a new or bigger surgery – I’ve just had to wait a week for an appointment! Need a bigger or new school. Better parking near surgery and school. Alphington school should only be for Alphington children.
  8. The community Centre needs attention.


  1. Unrealistic/ unfair to expect people to travel across city to other surgeries – nearest St Thomas! What about impact on traffic and resident catchment.
  2. Surgery should be confined to Alphington residents.
  3. Local people should have the right to use the local Doctor’s surgery. Need to make sure that surgery can cope with more people on their register.
  4. Present residents must be able to use the Doctor’s surgery.
  5. Doctor’s surgery cannot cope with more patients. It is bad enough now.
  6. Keep our surgery! Even that will need expanding together with pre-schools.
  7. Expand Alphington School but Alphington traffic a problem. Alphington surgery should remain.
  8. Need more Doctors Surgery to cope with extra people.
  9. Move the school.
  10. More health centres are definitely needed. Existing ones in other areas will not be able to absorb additional people. There is a three week waiting time to see a Doctor at Mount Pleasant (Feb 2013).


  1. Look at getting permission from Lidl for parents to park their car for school. Parents and children could then walk to school/ pre school from there – Lidl could get more shoppers!
  2. Only one village hall needs updating.
  3. Concerned about increase in traffic for our local school. Near accidents happen nearly every week. Also, has anyone contacted West Exe Secondary School re: change in school numbers?
  4. Not everyone is capable of walking to shops so small shops are needed for locals.
  5. If social housing is included – have it for Alphington residents old or young.
  6. Need to expand parking at Health Centre.
  7. Better staffing of existing Health Centre.
  8. Alphington Surgery parking needed.
  9. No to more parking at surgery – do not take anymore green space.
  10. Move Doctors surgery to school. (primary). Pre-school can use Doctor’s surgery. Build new primary school.
  11. Need proper playing areas – no taken spaces.
  12. If Community is to expand so do the services to the Community!
  13. Pre-School – where is the provision for children aged 3 – 5 years.
  14. Ide lane parking very congested at present and very dangerous.
  15. Need proper playing areas/ open spaces – not token spaces.
  16. Close the existing school. Once new primary built to alleviate space and traffic problems at existing. Build new homes on existing primary school site.
  17. Pre-school? Currently 85 children – need more space/ better provision.
  18. Expansion of health centre. More doctors and nurses. New facility needed. New school.
  19. Teachers building.
  20. Not enough football/ cricket or any sports grounds for all weather (3G)
  21. Doctors surgery not big enough for more people.
  22. Doctors surgery not big enough for more people. Parking – too much near school.
  23. We need to renovate the Community Centre into a pre-school with modern facilities to cater for the early years provision 3 – 5 years.
  24. A play park/ area for ALL children aged 2 into their teens. Areas left for children to explore and inclusive equipment.

STATION D Traffic/ Transport” 

  1. Many more facilities for cycling/walking, properly planned and constructed and joined up. Good for air pollution, noise pollution, health and so on.
  2. Concern over proposed pavement on left-hand side of Shillingford Road – our drive is very steep at present – if it was made steeper due to losing land at the bottom we would be unable to get our car up the drive.
  3. Improved bus service – two routes with extra buses to maintain – 10-minute service.
  4. New railway station would have limited appeal for Alphington residents or outsiders.
  5. I think children should attend local school – so no need for cars!!
  6. Cars mount the pavements as cars are ‘illegally’ parked – danger to pedestrians.
  7. New cycle tracks needed now so pedestrians do not have to walk in the road which I have to do at the moment.
  8. I support new footpaths and cycle paths.
  9. Speed is a massive problem, not solved by 20mph and speed warning lights.
  10. I disagree with Marsh Barton Halt – can’t see how it will help Alphington.
  11. Stricter enforcement to push HGVs etc. onto Marsh Barton via Devon Motel roundabout.
  12. Additional convenience store required.
  13. Need Spar type shop on new development.
  14. Encourage more local shops in Alphington.
  15. The danger to cyclists will be massive with 500 more cars on the road through our village.
  16. Over the last few years street parking on ALL roads has increased dramatically.
  17. How many car parking spaces will there be at the new station and where? Who will use it?
  18. Marsh Barton Halt of no benefit to Alphington residents.
  19. The new train station will be too far away to walk.
  20. Cycle routes not to be shared with pavements but to be marked on edge of road.
  21. Station pointless to new development as people will still have to drive to the station.
  22. New train station – difficult to see how it helps Alphington.
  23. Better pavements, crossings, etc. Cycle links away from roads, essential ****** no-one (hardly any) cyclists use the roads in Alphington, too dangerous. Excessive speed of traffic.
  24. Traffic comes down Shillingford Road far too fast.
  25. Restrict ALL parking in Alphington it’s a major point.
  26. Scrap Ide Park and Ride, but possibly have Park and Ride next to the new rail station?
  27. For residents and retired people particularly, train halt useless.
  28. Existing bus times to be maintained and not reduced.
  29. Skyline should not be ‘high’ with 3-storey housing. 25 per hectare better than 50 per hectare.
  30. No 3-storey building to be on the ridge.
  31. How is a pavement in Shillingford Road going to be created?
  32. The train station will be by the new incinerator. There is no room for parking, so why will people walk there? Where are they going?
  33. Better lighting required on cycle tracks.
  34. Would like station to open when the first houses are built and a bus to the station.
  35. Surely the new Marsh Barton Halt is needed BEFORE 2018 and should come on line at the same time the new houses are occupied.
  36. Shillingford Road – too much traffic going up and down – cannot handle any more – very dangerous.
  37. Split on ‘A’ bus so that one of them is a DIRECT ROUTE to the city centre, giving a shorter journey time.
  38. ENFORCE the 20mph limits!!
  39. Additional retail shop needed within the new development.
  40. NO extra pavements on Shillingford Road, okay to improve existing pavement.
  41. Accidents on the double roundabout Chudleigh Road.
  42. New roads in estate should lead into Chudleigh Road.
  43. Has a tram service been considered to/from city centre to Alphington?
  44. No HGVs to use Chudleigh Road as a route to Marsh Barton.
  45. Speed humps before the roundabouts Shillingford/Chudleigh Road to slow down the vehicles.
  46. Extend Ide Lane out to the A30 roundabout as a one-way exit for Alphington.
  47. Extend the Church Road exit road at Sainsburys by an extra lane to take out left turning traffic.
  48. Definitely DON’T WANT the Park and Ride!
  49. If more cycle paths, they need to be split – I’m fed up with cyclists suddenly zooming past me without any warning.
  50. Train station is a good idea, but needs building at the same time as the houses – 2018 is too late.

STATION E Environment


  1. The flooding is bad now, building more housing without proper drainage will just push the problem into lower Alphington.
  2. It’s really important you look at the flooding issue. Surely more buildings will only make it worse.
  3. Revisit flood risk to new development.
  4. Re-assess ability of ground to absorb water by assessing proposed building sites when the ground is wet – not dry. Agree with wetland area BUT consider alternative sites.
  5. My impression is that 250/500 houses cannot afford all this flooding and environment work without the 2500 Teignbridge houses. None costs financially justifiable stand alone (Not exactly sure what this post it says!)
  6. Flooding risk.
  7. Please re check water levels
  8. I agree flooding risk to be fully assessed. What procedures will be in place to counteract this?
  9. Agree to re-access flooding risk in light of heavy rain in and winter.
  10. Agree What sort of renewable energy? What cost?
  11. Agree with all listed. Trees + landscape particularly important. Flood alleviation needs detailed study. Air pollution measure needed i.e. less traffic!
  12. Re-test wetland areas when ground is saturated.
  13. Agree – Renewable energy, – District heating, – Low carbon homes.
  14. Agree. After recent rain water running off the existing grassland site downhill into our garden at the end of Steeple Drive caused standing water which will be worse once the grassland becomes metalled roads so proper and effective drainage is essential.
  15. Agree with the wetland in principle. But is this the correct place or better suited to the nature reserve?!!
  16. Look again at the flooding risks.
  17. During to the recent local flooding, seen in fields in Alphington. Exeter CC should re-check the areas scheduled for redevelopment.


  1. Construction of pond – may well overflow in periods of heavy rain & run onto Steeple Drive, Pulpit Walk and other nearby roads.
  2. Disagree – Low carbon houses cost more to build and will mean a greater density of housing
  3. Flooding risk
  4. Disagree- Renewable energy can be too expensive
  5. Do not include some renewable energy measures.
  6. Is renewable energy an expensive build? Would it make the houses dearer to build? Dearer to buy?


  1. Missing – We should be satisfied that site specific flood risk assessment does not threaten existing residents.
  2. Local recycling ESSENTIAL on new development.
  3. Air Pollution – Exeter has already failed legal pollution levels around Exeter – What guarantee is there that this will not happen to the residents of Alphington?
  4. Missing – Cycle paths? Are they in the plans to reduce pollution.
  5. Problem. Too many people! (Not missing)

STATION F Road Traffic


  1. Bus fares are definitely too dear; Yes-2 routes for A; Yes-ban lorries.
  2. Car parking in present style.
  3. Buses should have special early morning price for seniors attending early hospital apps.
  4. Agree that we need to lower bus fares to encourage people to use public transport.
  5. I agree controlled car parking – sensibly parked.
  6. Agree with reducing/slowing traffic on Chudleigh & Dawlish roads – How?
  7. Make Chudleigh Road 1-way outward and inward along Somerville Way. Dawlish Road becomes a shared bike/pedestrian link to Devon Motel and cycle path alongside (existing) and Clapperbrook Lane/M Barton.
  8. I agree improve public transport; Better control of speeding vehicles
  9. Improve double roundabout at Shillingford Road.
  10. Public transport needs to be improved now to Alphington.
  11. Ensure parking standards are maintained at existing levels.
  12. A bus to come through Alphington Street to give more choice and better service.
  13. Prefer two route solution for A bus service.
  14. Use cul-de-sac design to stop thru roads.
  15. Agree with car parking to houses as current. However – an insistence on using car parks provided and NOT parking on road.
  16. Slow traffic down Shillingford Road and around roundabouts.
  17. No direct vehicular access thru existing residential areas.
  18. Let’s try enforcing 20mph limit. We used to have regular police mobile speed checks along Chudleigh Road.
  19. Double roundabouts – many drivers don’t know how to use, how to signal and are in too much of a hurry to join the Alphington Road queue.
  20. Agree – Minimise flow and speed of traffic. Needs management and policing – publicise bad driving and speeding. Better bus service and double route for A buses.


  1. No direct vehicular access from existing residential areas eg cul de sacs
  2. Marsh Barton provides local jobs – is there a possibility that we will discourage employers to set up/stay if traffic worsens on the estate?
  3. Very narrow Road at post office – cars parked both sides.
  4. Dawlish Road needs remain open.


  1. 20mph needs enforcing.
  2. Police 20mph limit.
  3. Can Shillingford Road NOT be widened to ensure it does NOT become a main thoroughfare.
  4. Consider no entry into Chudleigh Road from A379.
  5. Proper policing of parking and speed outside of school area – inforce restrictions now!
  6. 20mph limit should definitely be enforced.
  7. Make double mini roundabouts (Chudleigh/Shillingford Road) one large roundabout
  8. Enforce 20mph limit.
  9. Possible permanent speed cameras along Chudleigh Road set to 20mph to dissuade rat running. Speed bumps?
  10. Present cost of bus transport is not low enough to encourage use. More people using it paying less would make sense.
  11. One roundabout at Chudleigh/Shillingford Road with one sign showing all exists.
  12. No right turn for lorries from A379 into Chudleigh Road
  13. The volume of transport from 500 houses depends on accommodation style ie 1 bed; 2 bed etc could mean 3 cars at least per house.
  14. Traffic calming measures on Chudleigh Road.
  15. Can the main road in new area be broken up and filter into Chudleigh Road.
  16. Highways don’t look after the roads as they are – repair in Chantry Meadow worse now than before!
  17. Please confirm access will be via Dawlish Road (one end)
  18. Width restriction barriers to Chudleigh Road at A379 junction.
  19. Two bus routes. Low bus fares.
  20. Shillingford Road needs be protected to remain a minor road and NOT a main thoroughfare.