Park and Ride

This page will cover park and ride provision around Alphington.

Latest Situation June 2015

DCC are now considering a Park and Ride for Alphington at a site between the A30 and the slip road to Ide, referred to as the “round” site, rather than the Oaklands site. Please refer to DCC Press Release of 16 June 2015.



The situation at April 2015 is that DCC have dropped plans for a workshop while they revisit plans for sites other than Oaklands. It is to be hoped that they will also consider sites such as Peamore which would seem to make much more sense.

The situation at April 2014 is that TDC have dropped plans for a new park and ride facility on the Matford Brook, at the bottom of the valley near Devon Hotel roundabout. This was to replace the current Marsh Barton P&R and provide additional spaces.

However, TDC now intend to create a valley park (as envisaged in the SW Exeter masterplan), and ECC wiill leave the existing P&R site in place.  DCC has decided that any excess traffic could be catered for by 700 or so spaces at Oaklands on the Alphington road spur from the A30. The (rather dubious) theory is that traffic from A38 and A380 would travel to the A30 junction and along to the Alphington turn-off.

There has been a lot of opposition to a P&R site at Oaklands but it has been pointed out that it may be possible for a bus to turn into Marsh Barton at Sainsbury’s and following the Green bus route into the city. This would have one advantage of taking people into places of work within Marsh Barton, as well as into the city, and reducing traffic on Alphington road.

The Stop the Alphington Park and Ride campaign has now widened its activities to cover transport issues related to the SW Exeter development. It is now called CWEST (Campaign for West Exeter Smarter Transport) and its web site is: