This page will deal with the traffic issues from new development and measures to mitigate the effect.

AVF committee are finding it difficult to agree on a joint position on traffic calming despite much discussion of chicanes (one and two way), table tops, controlled crossings etc.

Traffic restriction orders (TRO) will be coming up for consultation soon, and these may involve double yellow lines where there are none at present such as at the corners of Deacon close and Vestry drive at Chantry Meadow, and along parts of Chudleigh Road where parking is presently allowed.  TROs will be posted on lamp posts, but we understand that individual houses affected will not be notified directly.


I am writing on behalf of the Alphington Village Forum, the local forum which has been working with Exeter City Council to help shape the draft Supplementary Planning Guidance for the Alphington development.

The Forum welcomes the amendments which were accepted to the final brief and notes the items which were rejected. However, we would particularly like to ask your Working Group to reconsider the issue of a ban on construction traffic through Alphington.

The Forum are of the opinion that a ban on construction traffic through the village (both north, Chantry Meadow, Chudleigh Road and south, Shillingford Road) could be included in the SPG at this stage without detriment to the developer nor adding additional cost and would provide a clear guidance for the developer when they draw up their Construction Environment Management Plan. We would expect the developer to construct the new access road first, accessing the site from Chudleigh Road via the A379, before any building takes place and that signage be erected to direct construction traffic to this new access road.

Such a ban on construction traffic would:

1.      Prevent further traffic damage to houses along Church Road and Chudleigh Road, some of which are listed and in a Conservation area,

2.      Significantly reduce risk to pedestrians posed by such large vehicles, in particular to children on their way to and from school and pre-school,

3.      construction vehicles don’t add to traffic congestion and air pollution – both an ongoing problem through Alphington.

4.      Support the residents in their efforts, over many years, to stop HGV/LVGs through the village (for the above reasons).

5.      Set an important precedent to prevent construction traffic from the SW Exeter Developments using routes through Alphington.

We are also in discussion with DCC about physical measures to improve the roads through the village centre to reduce the speed and volume of traffic, which will be funded from the S106 agreement. However we would like to bring to your attention that there is currently no planned provision for safe walking or cycle along Chudleigh Road past the mini roundabouts heading south or Dawlish Road out to the Devon hotel roundabout, both of which currently have no pavements in some or all parts, and would request that requirements to ensure that such measures on the ECC side of these roads are put in place.

Cllr Clark will be attending the meeting and speaking on our behalf about the matter.

Thank you for your consideration of our request. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishesDiana Moore


Good Afternoon Cllr Clark,

In response to the queries you raised regarding traffic, please see the responses below .

Construction Traffic

I would certainly be recommending a Construction Traffic Management plan as part of the planning conditions. This would include the appropriate routing of heavy vehicles to and from the site via the A379.

This would include temporary yellow signs to pick up construction traffic further out and direct along the appropriate routes.

I also note the wider point (4) below about future HGV restrictions on Chudleigh Road.

It is difficult to say too much without an understanding of what the current frequency and origin of any heavy vehicles on Chudleigh Road is.

My gut feel is that there will no doubt be some heavy traffic which uses Chudleigh Road unnecessarily, but the bulk of heavy vehicles will be those which have a destination along Chudleigh Road. Therefore, even with restrictions there will always be some HGVs that require access.

The proposed changes to the junction of Chudleigh Road and the A379 should make it a less desirable route in future.

S106 works.

The point about S106 is noted and I will pass onto the relevant officer.

I don’t think a final decision has been made on exactly how this is used, but I understand that the current thinking is to focus improvements on the village centre area. I hope you will appreciate that where this money is focused will be a balance and spreading the money too thinly may dilute the benefits.

I hope this satisfactorily addresses the points raised below


Will  (William Pratt, Highway Development Management Officer (Exeter), Devon County Council)


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